We Care About The Future Of The Child

Our Approach

In order to actualize our vision and mission, NUEF takes three major approaches - Scholarship, Capacity Building, and Advocacy. These three approaches form the bases of our operations here at NUEF.

We take a coordinated approach to ensure optimal results in our projects.



At NUEF, we take a coordinated approach which guaranty's success. We do not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that scholarships are given to deserving learners.

Presently, we have two categories of the scholarship award.

  1. Category A: This is a full scholarship were successful learners from the NUEF Scholarship Selection Process (NSSP) are given the option to be enrolled in one of our partner schools with all expenses fully paid for. 
  2. Category B: This is a partial scholarship where selected learners from the NUEF Scholarship Selection Process (NSSP) are given the option to have Termly Fees, Uniforms, Sports Wear, Shoes, Stockings, exercise, and textbooks all provided for.

Capacity Building


Our capacity building projects focus on sustainable workforce training and education programs with emphasis on learner development.

We offer various skill acquisition training to learners in an effort to develop and strengthen their skills, abilities, processes, and resources to empower them for the future.

We don't stop there, we follow up on their progress to ensure they are adequately guided.



Children and young people are a relatively powerless group in society. Adults very often make significant decisions about children without consulting them or seeking to involve their participation in the decision-making process. They are rarely informed or consulted about new laws and policies which will impact upon them. They are frequently denied rights and opportunities which other members of the community take for granted. Many laws treat children and young people not as people but as the property of their parents or as objects of concern. Many protectionist laws and policies are based on outdated paternalistic notions. There is a considerable imbalance between children and young people and government agencies.

That's where we come in. We strive to strike a balance. We proffer solutions that will have a positive impact on the learners and also to create a conducive environment for continual development. We do not relent on our efforts!